Monday, November 26, 2007

Ick! Ick! Ick!

My wound is really icky tonight. Dr told me to take the bandaging off when I shower and to wash it with soap and water and let it dry, then paint it with Betadine and rebandage it. I just looked, and it is draining again and looks really awful. It kind of reminds me of worms on the sidewalk after a drenching rain.

People keep asking me how my appetite is. I don't know what to answer. I have no trouble eating, but I can't come up with anything I even want to eat. I really have no appetite. I'm thirsty, though.

So it's a balancing act between taking all of my pills and checking my sugars and keeping everything 'right.'

I'm probably lucky and blessed to have been able to have this surgery and prevent any damage to my heart. The only choice I had in the matter was yes or no to the surgery. No would have meant an eventual heart attack. My back hurts all the time. Today I was thinking about how far I have come in the 3 weeks since the surgery. I enjoy being on the computer and sitting in my chair knitting and crocheting. Today I completed a bootie that looks like a bootie. I'm kind of lonely though. I think it will be nice to get back to work in January and reclaim my job from the sub. I've had a couple of very nice cards from my schools with lots of good wishes. Company for a little while with some gossip would be even better.

An email today from an old High School friend, was very encouraging. He says that yes, I will be able to lift the grandchildren again, and eventually I'll have more energy and interest in things. Dr Chen was very encouraging about my proposed trip to Houston for Christmas. I have to get tickets in the works for that. I've figured out what to give the grands, which helps me feel more enthusiastic about the trip. I start cardiac rehab on Thursday. I wonder what time? I'll have to call and find out. I know I wrote it down somewhere...

I've lost a lot of weight through the surgery, and I want that to continue. And I am nearly done with Jack's Christmas stocking, and will be starting the stockings for the girls in a few weeks. That will complete a series of six counted cross stitch Christmas stockings for my six little grands.

I'm tired. Bedtime.

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