Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm just Crabby

My Jack has a tee shirt that says, "I'm a little crabby." Mine would have to proclaim, "I'm a big crabby" or "I'm a Lot Crabby."

I hurt everywhere I have, and I'm lonely and bored. Daytime tv isn't very good. I'm partway through 3 different books, all of them excellent so far. No cookies, no chips, nothing in the house that tempts my appetite. The only thing that brightens these days is having Cassie and the babies come over. Jack was a Wild Child today. We went to Shari's for lunch, and he was lying on the table, playing in his plate of pancakes, sassing his mama. Mama was very patient. He tripped over my last nerve on his way to being in Big Trouble, Mister

I have been knitting like mad since I came out of the hospital. That was a trip: I had phone calls from all over the world: one from Perth, Australia, another from Jerusalem, Israel, and a third from Texas. Faces I haven't seen in years appeared. John, my other son, showed up, and I didn't realize who he was.. I have a major ugly scar on my chest, and all I really want to do is sleep. The drier is full, and so is the washer. Just try and have a clean nightgown, Old Woman. Good luck.

Dr Chen reminded me today that I am only 18 days out of surgery, and to be patient. He said the next 18 days might make a huge difference in how I feel and what I can do. I wish I could bend down to pick up stuff that's all over the floor. Cassie comes by and keeps up with the kitchen, bless her. Still, there is clutter everywhere around me.

I'm ready to move on a little bit.


Kirsten said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope things are going a little smoother for you this week. We think of you often and are sending all our well-wishes for a speedy recovery. Let me know if there is anything that we can do!

HLiza said...

Don't worry..you'll be strong and yourself soon..just cherish the peace moment you have now..glad you have all the love around you!

Seeker said...

That surgery is quite an ordeal...
I pray you are stronger, day by day.
Take care.