Friday, November 16, 2007


I fell out of bed last night, and couldn't get up again. I landed on my knees, and fortunately, had cushiioned my chest with a pillow. At the time, I didn't feel hurt, just jarred. The hospital staff and visiting nurses had gleefully regaled me with horror stories of incisions coming apart, and stapled breastbones coming undone, so I was very frightened as I knealt there repeatedly dialing Cassie's number, and praying loudly that God would give her a shove so she would hear the phone. I was covered in a sheen of sweat by the time she got to the house and hoisted me back to my feet. I called the surgeon's office today to tell them what happened and ask what I should do about it... "Jerry" the PA, told me I was probably fine, and I was feeling fairly fine. He asked if I was having chest pain and if I felt anything shifting in my chest---ICK! Then he lectured me about not walking every day and not using the breathing apparatus 10 times every hour, telling me I wouldn't get better if I don't do the things that will help me get better. Here's what I want to know: will I ever be able to pick up Jack again? Will I be able to vacuum my house? Shove furniture around?There. I just did 10 deep breaths, and it does hurt to do that. I'm half afraid I'll have to start coughing if I do it. Coughing is painful; I have to press a cushion to my chest in order to cough.I walked after talking to Jerry, and got as far as the camper in front of the neighbor's house, before I had to stop and lean against it and cough. This cold, damp air, seems to make the coughing happen more.I don't even know for sure what day this is. My friend Mary has called to see how I'm doing. I have to admit to feeling just a tiny bit neglected. Church has been wonderful: people bringing meals every evening. Last night was a roast chicken and mashed potatoes, we've had casseroles with rice, macaroni, chicken, and veggies, some wonderful food. Now that I have been on the receiving end, I will be more willing to volunteer when someone else needs help. I'm craving chocolate cake tonight, and no one has brought that yet. Cassie wrote a lovely Thank You for the church newsletter to thank everyone for helping so much. I r4eally could use a little company. I love Jack, but our conversations are fairly limited. The visiting nurse is changing my dressing daily, and packing it with steri-strips. I really like the visiting nurses; they are competent, very pleasant, have a good sense of humor and help me to feel better

Jack and I have been watchng Veggitales: The Wizard of HA's (the story of the Prodigal
Son). If you aren't familiar with Veggitales, I encourage you to watch some of the videos. They are very cleverly written, and funny.

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Java said...

HI there Gramma,
I was thinking of you and wondered how you are going? I popped in to have a look, remember baby steps baby steps baby steps .. it all takes time :-) XX