Friday, December 28, 2007

I made it!

Got into Seattle last night about 9 PM, after NINE hours sitting on that plane... most of the hangup was in Denver. There was a veritable fleet of snowplows working on the runway, and we had to sit in line to get de-iced before we could take off. We were fifth in line. Seems like someone might have anticipated that at 20 min per plane for de-icing, we would be there a while. I wish we had been able to stay at the gate and get off the plane briefly. I was so frustrated...I had a dead cell phone, and no way to contact DD and let her know we would be 3 hours late arriving. I bet I remember to take the charger in the future!!

Christmas with Steve and the Texans was about the same as I remember from previous years. Except this year, both Steve and his beautiful wife went to work every day (while Steve was a student, he had a little more free time to spoil his mom), and the children were still in school the first week I was there. It was ok, I napped a lot, and worked on rebuilding my breastbone. Falling down the stairs didn't help much. If I can't read myself to sleep, I tend to get up and prowl during the night. So, on one of my prowls, I fell down the stairs. It scared me pretty good, you betcha. I just miscounted and missed the bottom step, and landed on my hands and knees on the landing. I called my surgeon, and they didnt think I needed to worry, as long as I wasn't having any particular pain and didn't feel any shifting or grating in my chest. I think my shoulders absorbed a lot of the shock of the landing.

Anyway, I'm home, and I feel fine. I skipped cardiac rehab today and got my nails done instead. Priorities. There were 15 or more voice mail messages waiting for me. People who knew I was leaving, and when, called with prayer requests and one person called to get a friend's number. And cardiac rehab called to find out what happened to me. They also had been told that I would be leaving for Houston. People don't listen, or don't care enough but the people to whom they are talking to make a note of anything.

Jack spent the night last night. It was so sweet to have him cuddle up with me and say, "Oh yaya, I just wove you." It filled my heart.

Today, Abby's old daddy brought her home to me. He was sweet enough to keep her for me while I was gone, saving me a bundle in kennel fees. What a blessing. Anyone have any good ideas for how I can thank him and his family? Tonight she is lying next to me. The cat is hiding somewhere, very upset with me. She hasn't eaten her treats yet. Maybe after I deal with the catbox she will come out and visit with me.

Dorothy sure knew what she was talking about: "There's no place like home." I enjoyed my trip, and I am so glad to be back in my own digs.

My bed, with its extra pillows and soft, flannel sheets, is calling to me. I sure hate to have to go back to work next week.

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