Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spoiling for a Fight

Too bad I'm not still married. Last night I went with Cassie et al to Red Robin and told off a couple of people there. Why do I have to wait until I get to the restaurant to put my name on a list for a table? They don't take call in reservations. The place is always bulging at the seams, and they choose to disrespect their clientelle by herding everyone into a small waiting area which is cold, drafty, and crowded, and has no seats. I noticed that at least half of the names they called for tables did not respond last night. So it isn't such a great system, is it? They told me they had too many people who called in not show up and honor their reservations. Doesn't seem to me that this system is an improvement.

And when Southwest Airlines started treating their patrons like cattle, they at least lowered the cost of airfare.

I don't see what Red Robin has given its customers as compensation.

Cassie said I was looking for a fight. Maybe she's right.

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