Saturday, January 12, 2008


"I can’t subscribe to a deity who is circumscribed by human thought, whose borders are as narrow as our own. That kind of god frightens me as much as the idea of one so immense and powerful that to know of it would bring instant annihilation. I prefer to admit"
I hope Pauline won't mind that I have lifted some of her recent post and pasted it here. She always gives me pause for reflection and deeper thought. I choose not to subscribe to a God who is known by others. If you/someone knows what God is thinking, and what God wants...this is not the God I can follow. If God is, indeed omniscient, omnipresent, (I can never remember the third 'omni' I was taught) human can possibly "know" anything about God's thoughts, needs, wants, etc.

I often think of a conversation with my father many years ago. He taught me to question: "Daddy, how could God make the whole world in just 6 days?" "Well, Sherry, we don't know how long a "day" was then. We don't know what the Bible meant when it said "a day." From my dad, I learned not everything is meant to be taken literally.

He also talked of a conversation he had with his friend, George Stephens. George had said, "There may not be a God, but I choose to believe." I, too, choose to believe. I'm only human, and it isn't given to me to understand. That's what faith is about. I'm willing to believe, and will continue to seek better understanding. I struggle with the issue of church attendance. I don't enjoy sitting in church as part of an audience while the pastor performs her sermon of the week. Worship, to me, has to be much more personal than being in an audience reading the song words off the wall (where they are projected because our church Needed State of the Art technology). Can I add here that I enjoyed holding the hymnal in my hands and connecting on a personal level with the words I was singing? Worship for me happens when a first grader comes to my office, when I am at the drive-through, at any given time when I am in personal contact with another person. NOT when I am reciting in unison with another hundred people. How do you worship?


Pauline said...

Your comment on my blog led me here. I don't mind that you "lifted' my words as you were kind enough to give me credit for them.

I have not been to church since I was a young woman. I had a prayer circle made of rocks on my hilltop in Vermont and that served its purpose. Now I am more like you - I appreciate whenever and where ever. I can't call it worship as there's no being to receive my appreciation, and to worship anything is to love, admire, or respect it perhaps excessively or unquestioningly.

Part of being human is to exercise choice. It is good that you can I can choose different paths and still be able to converse and share ideas.

Jo and JD said...

Oh My, there are more of me out there in cyber world than I realized. I recall in the days of raising my children and trying to live up to the image of being a good parent... we didn't miss a single solitary mass on Sunday.

I recall my father coming to visit on my birthday one year and asking what I wanted for my B'Day. My response was for him to go to church with us. It was at that time that he taught me that God wasn't confined within the walls of a building that he is where you search for him.

Fast forward 30 years and you find my children going to church and dealing with the back stabbers, gossipers, hippocrits, etc found within the walls of a Sunday-use building trying to live up to the ideal of being good parents by taking their children to church every Sunday. While at the same time worrying about me because I don't believe my worship christianity should be confined to one day a week and within a building. We live on a mountain on the edge of a state forest and every where I look every day I look into the face of God and feel him surrounding me with His beauty.

I need to apologize now for writing a blog posting in your comment I really do have a blog of my own! I am glad I stumbled across your blog.

Michele said...

AMEN Its nice to read someone who actually understands what I try to say about how I see my worship of God. Not in a building, in my heart everywhere I am.

I loved every word and will continue to read. I am glad to hear you made it through your surgery ok, I was reading it and thinking omg I hope she wil be ok, and then I remember umm duh she is still posting.

And scars are the most beautiful badges we carry and earn. It means we survived and stod back up and carried on, even if no one ever sees them.

much love Chele