Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'm entranced...

Cassie put a diaper on one of Jack's bears, and found one of his tiny onesies to dress the bear in. That seems to have captured Jack's imagination. Since then, he has fed his bear, put him down for naps, and came over yesterday with Mr Bear riding on his shoulders. He taught me how to wrap the bear in a blanket, put a cushion in the little rocker and put the bear there to rock. He came over this morning for a bit, and was upset when he thought he had left bear in the car. Daddy had actually brought bear in, so a crisis was averted.

It is darling to watch him mother this bear. He is very tender, and his voice gets all high and babyish. He has such an imagination! I noticed today that he always made sure bear was taken care of before he took off to do other things.

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