Sunday, February 17, 2008

All the Lonely People

The Beatles sang about "All the Lonely People" a long time ago. One can see lonely people everywhere these days. They're all talking on cell phones. Seems like we don't have time to be together with others, physically, but we desperately crave a connection with someone else. A friend chided me once about my cell phone. She said, "why do you even have a cell phone if you aren't going to turn it on?" My answer was that the phone was for my convenience, not for others'. I turn it on when I think I need to: to make a call, or to be available for my daughter. I was in Barnes & Noble's coffee shop one afternoon, and observed two women sitting at a table together, both talking on their cell phones. Seems to me that is a lovely way to insult a companion. "Sorry, the person on the phone is so much more important to me than you are. You can wait while I finish this conversation."

That brings up a pet peeve: when I am standing in line at a counter, and the clerk answers the ringing phone and makes me wait. Since when is the phone more inportant to a clerk than the living person who is next in line? Technology is reducing us to nothingness.

I belong to a number of groups on Yahoo! I find they help to fill some moments in my days. I want to be connected with others. Granted, I could get up on Sunday and go to church, but I don't. I don't like talking on the phone, either. The tv is always on in my house. The sound of it helps to mask the emptiness of the place.

People far away hear/read stories of my grandchildren, and I pretend they care as much as I do. I long for a companion who will be interested in what I want to say. Through two failed marriages, I felt lonelier, married, than I do now.


Jo said...

How strange is it that people can feel more alone when with the person they are married to then when they are actully alone. I know where you are coming from with that statement. It was the same with me when I was married to the ex.

My daughter Tersie just did a post the other day about the cell phone subject. It was brought on by a woman that was most likely with her son eating at a restaurant. The mother arrived on the cell phone and left on the same call without ever exchanging one word with her son.

What a sad sad existance......

Lorraine_Bartlett said...

I don't turn on my cell phone unless I want to make a call, either. I got it in case I have a flat tire on the expressway and need to call AAA. And though it's illegal to talk on the phone while driving (in New York State), I often sit at red lights and can count 5-6 turning the corner who are all yakking on their cell phones. Yikes!