Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Grandma's Purpose

Since I became a grandma six years ago, I have thought a lot about just what it means to be a grandparent. A child needs a place to be him/herself. A place to learn without judgement or too many restrictions. A place to get his/her bucket of self esteem filled so full that it will never empty out, no matter how large a hole gets poked in it. I hope my home is a place where Jack and his cousins/sisters will be able to be without getting yelled at, without getting in trouble. After a while, I do mind tripping over fire trucks and stepping on 'narbles'. On the other hand, Jack lets the dog in and out, makes sure she is fed, hides her milkbone treats, and splashes water all over the kitchen floor while he does the dishes. When he goes home and I pick up after him, my reward is the memory of him looking up at me and saying, "Yaya, I just wuv you." When he spends the night he snuggles up so close to me. Sometimes we put Mickey Mouse (who he used to refer to as 'Mick da Mouse') in the DVD player and sit together on the couch. I stitch ('Yaya, are going to needle dat?')and we watch cartoons together.

Yesterday he made his own "chokwat milk" and heated his PB&J in the microwave. He is so independent. It makes me feel proud to see him unafraid to try things. He has so much confidence: so much more than I have even now at my age.

A little bragging here: my children are wonderful parents, and my grands are delightful, talented, funny kids. They think there is nothing much better than pulling the needle through the fabric as I cross stitch. And they think I am wonderful.

The most important thing a grandparent can do is to love without criticism.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Getting Better

After a month of coughing, I am beginning to feel healthier. Apparently mucinex really does help, just like it says on tv. We had 3 days of inservice training this week. I was confused, and missed one of them. One of my principals does not accept that still am recovering. Seems like I can't do anything right for her. I have talked with my annuity guy. It looks like working another 3-6 years is a must. I would prefer to find a man who financially comfortable who wants to spoil me. How likely is that?

This is a pleasant Saturday morning. The cable man is supposed to show up today and figure out why my screen is so fuzzy and why the sound has that buzz in it. Also, the housekeeper my friends hired at Christmas is coming back to do her final 4 hours of housework. Who could ask for more?

I had Jack for a while last night until about 7ish. We had to go to Target where I successfully resisted looking at toys ( "I don't want to buy one, Yaya. I just want to wook at dem.") We bought some 'grilly cheese' for him and some cookies. As we walked in the door, he was tearing the wrapper of his grilly cheese and rushing to the microwave to heat it, 3 seconds at a time.I allowed him to defrost a pb&j a couple of days ago, 3 sec at a time so it wouldn't get too hot for him. So I guess he learned that is how to do the microwave.

In Houston at Christmas, I had the Apple draw a picture of Bob the Tomato and Larry Cucumber for me. Jack noticed it on the refridgerator and asked about it. This week he traced his hand and taped it on the wall, with about 47 pieces of tape. A day or so later he used watercolor markers to make a pattern resembling a tic-tac-toe board with many different colors, and he taped that on the wall, too. It reminds me of his mom: when she was little, she cut out and taped to the wall a picture of Mr Rogers, her hero. She put him in the dining room. I think it is so cute.