Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yahoo Messenger

About a month ago I discovered Yahoo Instant Messenger. Since then, I've met some interesting people and spent a lot of hours enjoying the company of some nice guys. Today, Sunday, I am debating about going to church. I haven't been there in months. It is nice to know God is waiting when I decide I am in need. The attraction of the computer and the IMs is a lot more fun than sitting in church trying to read the song words off the wall where they are projected.

It is a mystery to me why that is better than holding the hymnal in my own hands at the precise distance needed from my eyes. We have a "new" praise service that leaves me kind of cold. Many of us had attended the Walk to Emmaus, a weekend course of study sponsored by the Upper Room Ministries. We could never persuade ur choir director to attend, and his choice of music reflected that: old, ponderous, formal, stultifying, unimaginative. Ultimately he was replaced by someone young and energetic and inspired.

I am a person who likes to think. The newer service doesn't give me time to reflect and savor the experience of worshipl I prefer what I have been accustomed to all these years, and that is what we have at the 11:00 service. I have half an hour to decide and get ready to go. What is it going to be? I guess I'll go. I miss my friends.


Steve said...

Do you still spend time with your church family? I remember how important that was to you.

Anonymous said...

No, not like I used to do. It became a series of more things I had to do when I was too tired and stressed to keep up with my job.

Steve said...

The Boy has really enjoyed getting his messages. He constantly is asking to check to see if he got any new ones.

Steve said...

Happy Mother's Day, Gramma