Sunday, May 18, 2008

Working my way back to good health

Today my dear Son in law went with me to pick up a treadmill. Someone on one of my daughter's groups, was giving it away to anyone who would take it out of their house. It is a mid-range treadmill, electric, and folds for storage. I do work out 3 days a week, and I want to walk. I enjoy walking. BUT my back starts to ache so soon, that I can't walk very far. On the treadmill, I have something to hold onto to help support my back. This beautiful machine even has a place to put a book. Forget tv, I want to read whenever I can, and I am so delighted that I will be able to do that and walk. Going to Curves every other day is great and has me feeling so good, that I want to do something physical on the in-between days. I have been told that muscles need 24 hours to heal between workouts. This seems like the perfect solution!

I had my Jacky over here yesterday. First we went to Walmart and he picked out a small backyard pool, and then we looked at 2-wheel bikes with training wheels and he found a spiderman bike that was just his cup of tea. So, new pool, new bike, new helmet and elbow & knee pads, new Lightning McQueen shirt and a pair of shorts he can wear when he is 20, and a tanktop for me, and some Tums. My insurance company doesn't like me to take Aciphex for reflux, so they won't let me get a reflill. I feel like I need to throw up and I can't eat (that could be due to an event at work the other day, too). And after I use the hair color, my roots will be natural blonde again.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, Jack told me "Dat was some awesome shopping yaya. Good job!" He had every reason to be happy. This little boy says the most encouraging things. When I put on a new nightgown one night, one he hadn't seen before, he exclaimed, "Wow, Yaya, I weawwy weawwy wike dat one@" "Dat is so pwetty@"

One day I had strung a string between to cupboard door knobs, and clothespinned some roses to dry. He was so excited when he walked in the kitchen and saw that, he could hardly contain himself. He jumped up and down and told me how pwetty it was and how much he wiked it. It has been there about six weeks now.

Before I picked him up yesterday, he and mom and dad had gone to a company barbecue where he played hard in a mini-waterpark out in the sun. Then we spent the afternoon blowing up the pool and playing in it out back. Of course he had to ride his new bike, while I walked along trying to keep up. As many times as he circkled back to check on me, he probably rode five miles. Last night we went over to his house and had pizza. He climbed up on my lap and put his head down on my breast and went soundly asleep. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. Our temps were in the 80s yesterday. We had snow at the end of April. As Popeye would have said, "Large weather we're having."

The babies are on the move. Megan has begun low crawling (my Army pal told me that is what it is called). She also was holding her bottle last night. Erika, a whole minute older and at birth the slightly larger of the two, is fairly content to lie back and wait for people to wait on her. Last night Mama reached to pick her up and she became so Excited. Her little arms and legs were waving as hard as they could. These little dumplings weighed barely 8 pounds altogether at birth and now are over 15 lbs apiece. They are absolutely mahvelous, dahling; just mahvelous.

"And that's the way it is, on May 18, 2008, in Lakewood, WA."


Cassie said...

Megan was 18 pounds on Saturday. :)

Java said...

Hi there!!!! I haven't been over in aages, been so busy!
Hope you are well. Wow, I can hardly belief how the bubs have grown too, need more photos!!
I like treadmills too, great idea.
Take care, H