Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day Three

I wonder if I need to give up my diet Cokes? I hear caffeine is a buster if one is trying to lose weight. It does seem to upset my stomach, and I've had enough of that kind of trouble, thank you very much.

I found a wonderful blog that I would love to add to my list; unfortunately it looks like it will have to wait until my DD has time to help me out. I'm so hopelessly NON-Tek, I'm amazed someone even let me have a computer. I'm like that old joke: "Do you still have the box your computer came in?" "Yes." "Good, now pack it all up and send it back. You are too stupid to own a computer."

I have high hopes for this day. I need to run to Target to pick up dogfood (my dog will be grateful). I'll get on that treadmill again, and I'll get some salad greens in the house. I can do this. I AM doing this!

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