Friday, June 13, 2008

Living my Best Life

RE: Opray, June 13, 2008.
This looks like an opportunity to turn a bad luck day into a good luck day. Not that I really believe in luck. Bob Green's Best Life Challenge:
1. Get moving
2. Quit eating two hours before bedtime
3. Get hydrated (6 8-oz glasses of water per day)
4/5. restructure your eating: nutritious breakfast; cut out alcohol.

Well, I downloaded the contract, and I read it before I signed it. I am in the habit of getting over to Curves pretty regularly, and I can really tell the difference when I don't make it. Those days I am stiff and I ache all over.

Those stories featured on her show tonight are inspirational. I want something that will inspire me for more than tongight. I had open heart surgery at 314 pounds. The heart surgey was dangerous enough, but at that weight, I am a miracle of survival.

I am a Child of God, created in His Image, an imperfect human being, striving for happiness in this lifetime, striving to achieve what God has planned for me.

I will try to keep a journal here of my progress. This is about keeping my diabetes numbers appropriate, increasing my ability to move, and increasing my energy.

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