Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time for a New Post

I haven't done much since I last posted. I knit a little bit on a baby sweater--one I vaguely thought I would give to Marci for her new little girl, and I began a baby blanket, but haven't worked my heart out on anything at all. Friday I took my sketch pad to DD's house and sketched one of the twins. It came out surprisingly well, and I want to work on it some more, but DD can't remember to bring it back down here to me. If I had it, I would scan and post it. The little "Bless their Hearts" are busy girls these days, not content any longer with sitting quietly in their car seats. They have discovered Movement. Megn, the younger by one minute, and the one who hid behind Erica for most of her gestation, can sit up, and has pulled herself up to stand, unassisted, she loves to sing, and her favorite song is 'Mamamamamamamamamama". Erica gets up on all fours, then isn't sure what to do next. She never stops grinning. In fact, the only time I've seen them fuss is when their food is moved out of their sight. They truly follow in the family dedication to eating. Both girls get a little goofy when big bother Jack comes near them. They grin and chuckle, babble and wave their arms and kick their feet. He is already their hero. Now, I remember what kind of a little sister DD was to her brother, and I feel a little sympathy for what Jack will have to deal with -- and twins, yet!

When little twin boys lived across the street from Jack, Jack referred to them as "Robby and the other Robby". Those 3 little boys were such good friends that it broke our hearts to see the family move away. I hope St Louis is enjoying them. They called me "Gamma" from the beginning. I loved it. They would come running when I pulled into the driveway, and give me big hugs.

Jack will be coming down this week. He has had his older two cousins from Oregon here for a week, and has been the center of attention. The girls are 13 and 15; I am tickled that they call me Gramma Sherry. I feel like the Universal Grandma wherever I go. And I understand my mission: to give every child a smile and a few minutes of non-judgemental attention. That includes the little twits who roll past me in Target on their heelies. I hate those heelies. Kids come out of nowhere and startle me.

In other news, Houston has two new landowners today: my son and DIL have bought a home. i've seen pictures, and I can hardly wait to get there. It is truly beautiful. That home would cost close $300,000 out here, but they paid less than my little rambler is valued at. I'm amazed. Steve has repeatedly suggested we all relocate to Houston, but I'm scared of Houston. You can't go anywhere without fearing for your life on the freeways. I don't think I could adapt to driving there. And I don't know how else I would find a job and get to work.

On the plus side, it would be so wonderful to be altogether and have family gatherings, and let the cousins get to know each other. I could picture the six of them forming a little gang of desperados. The heat would dehydrate me so badly I might lose weight.

Speakin of losing weight: I have been good about my Opra/Bob Fit for Life or whatever it is. Yesterday I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, and the day before hat I went to Curves. I'm mad at Curves; I hope that worries them. They are changing the structure of our local club. I emailed them a long, scathing letter about it, and so far they have been too intimidted to respond. My son, the lawyer, says they probably can change everything in spite of the contract I signed. That pisses me off even more. Who do they think they are? Years ago I took aerobics from a local woman; she was great fun, and fashioned her classes so they fit everyone. I think she is still around. We ought to create our own club and let Curves go down in flames.

I didn't think I had much to write today, but look at this. And keep watching: "The Kissing Mouse" is a short story that will be coming soon. I'm off to the treadmill, aka grindstone. I love not working!

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