Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Little More

I had lunch today with a teacher friend. We had such a fun gossip; I completely enjoyed myself. That salad at Applebee's was wonderful. And I just love this friend. She is so funny and sharp.

I am thinking now, that I am feeling so mujch better than I was a month ago. Taking the month of medical leave was the right thing to do. I do blame my surgeon: he should have provided me with some restrictions. I tried to do too much too fast after my surgery. A four-day work week would have been an appropriate restriction to help me stay rested. Also, my schools should have reduced the demands on me for a period of time. But then, principals have so many things to take care of, they can't be responsible for their staff, too. They just don't have time to care about anyone who gets paid to be there. Their first priority (and I know this from 21 years of observation) is always to stand on their heads to make parents happy.

I don't care what the Twit (last post) thinks, I know I am a pretty woman, and intel-
ligent. Probably more intelligent than most men I ever have dated. I could name a few, and I win, hands down.

But somehow, as I grew up, I learned not to trust myself, but to believe that everyone else knew more than I about what was best for me. So...if a man told me something, I believed it was true. NOw, I understand that is not necessarily true, an I like men a lot. I especially like their physiology. I like their voices--the lower timber and the souondof their laughter. I'm sorry I work in a field which has so few men. Well. Enough.

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