Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mistakes...I thought I made one once, but I was wrong

Cassie pointed out to me today that she has found numerous errors in my recent blog posts. That isn't like me. I hate spelling errors, and I hate even more substituting a sound-alike letter for a word. It's lazy and inappropriate. I c u r bzee. Don't give me that crap. If you are going to write to me, then please write the words you want to say. I will think highly of you.

Another issue I'm having is keeping my fingers on the correct keys. I struggle with this constantly. I think I get going toi fast sometimes. I understand this happens to a lot of people, but I strive for correctness in my written work. I hate making mistakes in my writing.

This is all about me. What I like, what I want, what I do correctly or incorrectly. Another thing I hate is a Friday night tv show called "Numbers" in which an e is replaced with a number 3. That's wrong!!!!! Don't do it that way. I don't think it is clever at all.

I also had an issue with "xmas" until I learned that the "x" actually meant the cross upon which Christ was crucified and so meant "Christ."

NOw you all know how I feel about things, so let's shape up out there.

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