Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Frustration

It wasn't until I scanned this that I realized the eyes looked odd--kind of lop-sided. The changes I made when I inked over the drawing did not come through well. However, this was a quick pencil sketch, and overall I am pleased with it. I wanted to recreate the Gerber baby with my own precious little grandchild. This is Erica. the older of the two by one minute. Sometimes Erica looks a little bigger than Megan; she usually weighs just a few ounces (4 or 5) more than Megan, and she was slightly larger at birth. These little cuties barely hit the ground at the picnic yesterday. It was nice to see that Cassie put them down in the grass where they could explore their world. We couldn't help but smile, remembering how Jack would cry when his bare feet touched grass at the same age.

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