Friday, July 11, 2008

Part 3

Early the next morning, Daddy got up and got dressed to go to work. Before he left, he poured a cup of coffee and peeked at the Kissing Mouse. “Cute little Mouse.” Said Daddy.
“Daddy, guess what Mousey did last night?” cried Jack. Then Jacky told mom and dad the whole story of how Mousey had wakened him so he could let Francesca back in the house. “Naughty Francesca!” Mama scolded. “You know better than to try to sneak out during the night. I et is wa!” Mama scolded “You know better than to try to sneak out during the night. I bet it was good and cold out there!” Francesca was little bit ashamed of herself because she knew she had done a wrong thing. But Francesca was not afraid, she knew her family would always lover ner, no matter what she did.
Daddy finished his coffee and put on his hat. It was time to leave for work. Before he could go very far, the Kissing Mouse ran up Daddy’s sleeve and gave him a kiss on the chin. Daddy lauhed because it tickled.
Then Mousey ran into the living room where Megan and Erica ere plaing on the flor. The little mouse rant to Megan and kissed her little chubby hand, then climbed up her arm and kissed her arm at every step. Megan laughed and laughed. Then the Mous
The Kissing Mouse
© 2008
Sherry Benic

ran to Erica and did the same thing, kissing and tickling with his tiny little moujse feet. He sure was a busy little Kissing Mouse.
After a while, Yaya came over. When the Mouse saw Yaya, she scampered up her arm to her shoulder. Now remember, it was on Yaya’s shoulder that the kiss turned into a mouse. This time, there was little and a burst of stars and hearts, and the mouse turned back into a kiss.
The End

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