Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They Made It! One year and counting...

The twins' birthday party was sure nice. Cassie is such a good mommy. She made sure every child present got to "help" the babies open their presents. I never thought of things like that when I was a young mom.

I should be able to post some of the pictures that were taken at the party. The way the girls eat their cake helps to define the difference between them. I sat in a corner and drew pictures. Georgia's husband, Edward, fixed the focus on my digital camera and he took a lot of pictures. I have not been able to suck them out of the camera and into the computer yet, though. Let's see if I can post some of these. Remember, these little doll-babies have identical DNA, but they still are individuals.

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HLiza said...

Wow..time flies! Happy belated birthday to the twins! How cute they don't have to share cakes...I'm not sure if I can try the idea of other kids opening presents..what if they demand to have the presents for themselves? Scary..