Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coping Advice

A list helps me cope. I break the big project down into stages and put a timeframe on each stage. Same with either outlining (road mapping) a new manuscript or writing chapters. I learned that coping technique from my husband who is a builder. He sets deadlines on paper for himself and his subcontractors so everyone knows what's expected and when. He insists everyone stick to the schedule. He was the one who said, "How do you expect to get anywhere without a roadmap?" I then applied that philosophy to my writing, and I've stayed on track.

I'm confused. I don't know who Beth is, and I don't know how this post ended up on my blog. I didn't post it. I do make a lot of lists, but this post is not mine. Beth, whoever you are, how did you get into my blog?

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HLiza said...

I hardly have a plan..which is bad enough for a salesperson like me. I only outline things in my head and change them as and when I like. Maybe I should start following you.

Hope things are getting better. Writing may be one therapy for you. Hugs.