Thursday, November 6, 2008

Guilt, guilt, and more guillt

I wrote a blog a few days ago, in which I discussed what I thought my marriage meant to my husband, and how I understood our relationship. Today my daughter made a point of telling me "You really trashed dad." Well, my love, don't you think he trashed me pretty good when he threw me out and walked away? My heart will never recover from the betrayal and heartache of that moment. I have a right to be hurt and angry and a right to express it.

He got what he wanted. He wanted to NOT be with me. And that's what he got. Good for him.


Cassie said...

Just for the record, I've mentioned it to him before if I've felt like he was being critical too.

Java said...

Some hurts to take a long long time to heal and sometimes we process it again and again to truly understand how could this have happened.
I'm the same, some part will never forget and some part will, some part will never forgive but another will.

I wish you well and don't rush it.

HLiza said...

I think it hurts the most when you're betrayed by your loved ones..when someone you've trusted betrayed almost never heals. Hugs Gramma..