Sunday, November 16, 2008

What to do?

I am on medical leave from work, and have been since early in October. I guess I had some kind of brekdown, and I ended up on the psych ward. People there were great. People listened and responded as if my ideas had merit. That is an honor I dont't get at work. One principal has been told (by HR most likely) that I don't want to return to work for her. My other choice is to take a .6 position, which will barely pay my house and car payments.

I'm considering an early retirement. I'd like to work again. I have a lot left to give. I am praying that God will show me the job that is right for me. Please join me. I do most heartily believe in a supremacy which can influence my life.


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Java said...

Just take it one day at a time. thinking of you!