Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

"A fresh wind is blowing" across America. This is the first time Ihave chosen to watch the inauguration of a new president. Watching this spectacle (and many have worked hard to make it into a spectacle) gives me the feeling of a warm breeze blowing in on a day of spring thaw: a promise of warmer days to come, a promise for a future that will provide.

The last couple of years of Bush's presidency have felt discouraging to me. I was so disheartened by the path our country seemed to be taking that I leapt outside my comfort zone and voted Libertarian in this presidential election. Obama makes me feel better. Already he is doing things, making changes, that make me feel encouraged for the future that our children will inherit. I have hope, at a time of great personal change, as I look to retirement. I'm not sure I want to be retired, but I want to have quality time with my grandchildren, and that is more important than a lackluster career. I wish I could believe I had done something that mattered.

In retirement I shall write, paint, draw, and pursue the spirit within me. I have hope.

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HLiza said...

And you're the inspiration for me. I will pursue things I love just like you do when my time comes.