Sunday, March 15, 2009

It turned out to be really fun!

Cassie invited me to go with her yesterday to a bookmaking class. No, this was not a class on how to place bets. This class was how to make a small book, suitable for a journal. I had a wonderful time after everyone finished "helping" me. I asked Cassie if I looked like such a complete dolt that everyone had to do everything for me, but she said I just looked confused. The instructor would tell us what to do next, then tell us 4 more ways we could do it, or her assistant would tell us how she does it...yes, I WAS confused! The book ended up being a trifold, with several pages. We used calendar pages, the big, pretty oens, as design for the covers. Once the book was constructed, I had more fun adding the bling. Last night I printed out a copy of one of my favorite poems: Big Wind, by Theodore Roethke. It is the story of a greenhouse weathering a storm as a ship weathers a gale at sea. Since the poem refers to roses a couple of times, it seemed ideal to include in my book. I'll post pictures. So I cut apart the stanzas and pasted them into the pages of my book. It would make a nice gift if I knew anyone who enjoys poetry as much as I do.

I'm proud of my finished product, and totally enjoyed the creative opportunity. Thank you, Cassie!

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