Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Unremarkable Life

Many people work hard all their lives just to stay "even." They live unremarkable lives. They are not heroes or public figures or sports stars. They go about the business of daily living, doing their best to follow the rules and to be good people. They are kind to others in trouble, send money to help out when communities are in flood or drought conditions. They are basically honest people, but may not always return the extra change. They do what they are told, hold doctors in high esteem, and do not tell teachers or police officers, "I pay your salary!"

I think I fit in this category. So do my neighbors on each side of my house. We are what Regan called "The Silent Majority." We trust the political figures who make decisions that affect us. When our taxes go up, we accept it. When the prices of groceries and gasoline go up, we accept it, and only complain to the others who also are "us." Most of us will never achieve Andy Warhol's prediction of "Fifteen minutes of fame." We simply are who we are. We live out the legacy left to us by the unremarkable people who were our parents and grandparents.

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HLiza said...

I am from a slightly extrovert generation who question a lot of things and becomes unhappy about a lot of stuffs; rebellious you can say..but I'm still not that vocal though..but at heart, we're all hoping to be circled by love.