Saturday, April 18, 2009


Building a quilt is a lot of work. I started my first quilt two years ago with the help of a talented co-worker. Since then, although I had good intentions to finish the quilt, I lost the pieces I had completed. They must be in the house; I suspect they are packed away with the Christmas things, but it will be another day before I pull those bins out and take a look.

Meanwhile, I began my second quilt. This one I have a realistic hope of finishing. I am giving myself permission to be imperfect. I didn't plan ahead very well, so I find myself in the position of having to piece together more squares than I anticipated. This means I am using material/fabric that was not used in the first 2/3 of the quilt. I hope I can make it work. My goal is a random, casual, patchwork piece. So far I'm at 100% on the random, and leaning toward the same with the patchwork. I've built the quilt around plain muslin, unbleached. Tonight my friend told me it looked "vintage." I take that as a compliment. I think she means the subdued choice of colors. These latest patches or squares, will add a more colorful contrast to the earlier squares. I guess that's ok. Maybe once I finish one, I will be encouraged to try another.

Already I am looking at the piecing I am doing, and imagining placemats in the same pattern and colors. That might be fun to attempt later on.

But the whole thing is work! And with this pinched nerve in my back, standing over the cutting table or the ironing board is painful. It's also somewhat difficult to use the pressure foot on the sewing machine. There will be a picture of the finished product when that grand day arrives. I did learn something from an obnoxious woman on a quilting show last weekend. She demonstrated layering the quilt top, the batting, and the backing, and how to sew it all together; then how to turn it right side out. I can do that. I wonder how long before I get to that point? Must finish piecing the quilt top first.

Note to self: 1) buy batting. 2) choose and buy backing fabric and a border for the top.

It's always something more.


Bed Linen said...

You should put up some photos.

Gramma& Grampa DeVault said...

just found your blog, would love to see some pictures, cutes gran babys