Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Girls

Our twins are two years old today, a;nd as much a miracle today as the day they were born. Beautiful and smart and sassy and funny -- they are the quintessential two-year-olds. Erica seems like she is the more studious (if a two year old can be called studious!) of the two, while Megan is funny with a quick sense of humor for a child so young. I cannot imagine life without both of these charming little girls.

They are a constant blessing and joy. Conversation with these little girls seems to consist of announcements. "Yaya!" "Ack!" (Jack), "Daddy!" "Bunny!" The identify everyone in their world and associate me with every dark colored van they see, according to mom. It makes me feel so special...

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blueladie said...

God Bless the 'gwills' and special Jack. :D