Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

After many long months of putting off what needs to be done around here, because of the pain in my hip, a sweet friend - one of my daughter's schoolmates - is helping by cleaning up my house. I am so very grateful for her help today. At last I will be able to enjoy my home again.

This young woman is a hard worker with a gift for clearing out and cleaning up. As I realised I needed help, she was the person I knew I would ask. I don't mind paying for the help, and I hope I am paying her fairly.

I am delighted that she is here with her very beautiful daughter making the place look livable again. And now I will be ready for my covenent group to meet here in a couple of weeks. All I have to do is keep up with it.

On a stranger note, I found myself recently volunteering to teach the youth Sunday School class at church. I like my church and the many nice people who have become friends over the years. I needed that church when I first found it, and it needed me. This summer I visited another church several times; but it didn't need me as much. I like it, too, and it will be where I go whenever something happens where I am.

So my big plan is to engage the kids in a large project. I hope to get permission to paint a mural in one of the Sunday School Classrooms. I hope the kids will give input on this, and help come up with a design. It is an ambitious project, and needs permission from the trustees. I think it could be just the thing to juice up our youth program. Now I need to research murals and learn more about creating one. Anyone have any advice?

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HLiza said...

Mmm..sorry, no advice sinde I know nothing about art and painting murals..but that sounds like a brilliant idea to do. Glad that your house finally get some help it needed..and your hips are getting better. You can dance by Christmas!