Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wannabe Writer Is Inspired

This was my big, expensive, extravagance. I decided at the last minute to attend the PNWA Writer's Conference, and due to the immobilising heat, I elected to stay at the Hilton. Too expensive, and way too much walking for my poor hip... And a last minute decision to attend the conference included the opportunity to pay extra to attend.

Wow. I'm not sure it was worth what I paid. I am sure, however, that I came away from the conference knowing more than when I arrived, and I have a story pitch I am working on. A short novel geared toward preadolescents, dealing with young boys whose dads are at war.

I'm really writing it. That is a lot more exciting than one may realize. It is exciting for me to be making the transition from wannabe-writer to writer.

The conference was good for me.


Cassie said...

Yeah but you took your airconditioner!

blueladie said...

Good for you Sherry! What a wonderful step for you to take. You have so many creative talents.