Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bogey Man - A Review

This readable, gently humorous cozy mystery by author Marja McGraw is highly entertaining. It appears to be part of a series of mysteries starring female P.I. Sandi Webster.

In this installment, Sandi finds herself haunted by Humphrey Bogart, fedora and all. The novel is peppered with Bogey-isms and sprinkled with slang of the Bogey era. It is a lot of fun and a trip down memory lane for any fan of Bogart, as well as those to whom the old movies are a joy to watch.

The style is breezy, the characters likable, and easy to care about. This reader found herself wishing she could spend real time with this cast, and intends to look for other books in the series. Highly recommend this intriguing mystery which takes the reader from a Halloween party with a grisly murder to a denouement that neatly ties up all the loose ends with a perfect bow.

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