Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dispel the Mist - A Review

This intriguing mystery has Deputy Tempe Crabtree wandering through a mist of half-truths and evasions as she investigates what may have been a murder. Peppered through the mystery are allusions to Native legends. As Tempe draws closer to the truth, she moves closer to her own cultural history and a greater understanding of the people from whom she is descended and whom she protects.

Tempe learns to trust her spirituality as a gift from her ancestors, and she is amazed to find the truth of one of the ancient legends. The story ends in a frightening encounter with the villain, who remains unknown to the bitter end, in a violent thunder and lightning storm and Tempe's protection by the ancient legend.

Marilyn Meredith did not disappoint in this enigmatic mystery; this reader enjoyed the glimpses of Native American culture.

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