Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grandsons begin kindergarten

One began last week (School begins early in Texas), and one began today. Jack told his mom this morning, "It's ok to cry, but not to have a nervous breakdown!" I saw him at dinnertime and he greeted me with a shouted, "I'm in Kindergarten!!" I'm glad he is so excited about school. My little Texan may be less enthralled with the education system, but he is so brilliant, he already has left it way behind. I have grandmothered some highly intelligent grandchildren. I'm sure they get it from me. Well...pretty sure, anyway.

It kills me that these wonderful kids have to go to school already. There they will meet little jerks and assholes who will steal their innocence. All six of my grands have wonderful parents, and I am sure that fine parenting will overcome anything those other little kids can come up with.

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