Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How Dare He??

It seems a man in Stone Mountain, GA, shopping in a Wal-Mart, became frustrated with a crying child and slapped her several times to shut her up, after telling her mother that he would shut her up if mother did not.

Haven't we all been frustrated at times with crying children? They are annoying on airplanes, and it really bothers me in stores, because I do believe crying children at Target or Wal-Mart probably need to be home napping, not Slapped ! One way to insure a child will continue to cry and/or whine is to punish physically. Children sometimes cry. It is the nature of children.

And it is the nature of many parents to ignore the child's needs and continue shopping to meet their own personal (sometimes selfish) needs. As for one on the plane wants the child to stop crying more than the parent does. Granted all passengers are an enslaved audience to a crying child, but it does no help to become angry and frustrated. Since I learned to adopt an attitude of, "babies cry; it's their nature" I have been able to remain much more peaceful about crying children.

In stores it is the parents with whom I become annoyed. Come on folks. Make sure the kids are fed and rested before you drag them through Target, and avoid the toy area. Get with the program and be real parents.

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Cassie said...

I must point out that sometimes kids cry in stores because they are kids and not necessarily because they are hungry or tired. Sometimes they are bored. I always always always try to keep in mind that sometimes kids have disabilities that prevent them from behaving correctly in public (autism, adhd, etc) And being patient with them will help them to learn proper behavior.