Friday, September 18, 2009

Keeping Busy

I don't know how most retired people keep busy. I watch a lot of tv. While watching, I knit or cross stitch or work on my beading (I make rosaries). Today I signed papers for a new mortgage. It will roll together my first and second, and lower my monthly payments, so that is good. I wasn't watching tv while signing papers. The broker rep came here, saving me a trip to somewhere, and being directionally challenged, I am grateful for that.

During the summer months, I had my grandson a lot; he is fun and kept me busy. I find myself missing him like crazy. I'm so glad he is enjoying kindergarten. My prayer for him is/was that school would be a joy. I pray that for all my little grands. I understand from my son that his youngest may not be making the happiest adjustment to kindergarten. I think he is probably smarter than his teacher -- all those little guys have brains outta sight, and are amazing. I expect the local grands to be just as intelligent.

My daughter tells me that the twins may be Norwegian. Now, we think their grandfather is French, I am Serbian, and we aren't sure about their dad's side of the family, but I am guessing Irish. So of course the girls would be Norwegian. They are calling their brother Jack, "Yak." That could be middle European, also, so who knows? Their mother sounded like she was from New Jersey when she was their age. "New Joisey" she would say. Well, it's fun to guess ethnic backgrounds, based on a few random clues.

I haven't seen the local grands recently, so who knows for sure?

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