Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm happy to report that I received two books in the mail yesterday to read and review. In fact, I think I will post the reviews here before I send them on.

I enjoy that my opinion on these books will be heard. The Bogey Man seems to be a story that revolves around Humphrey Bogart. Thirteen Diamonds has to do with the game of Bridge. I wonder if someone more familiar with Bridge should be reviewing it? Nevertheless, I will do my very best with it, and review it in terms of someone who knows nothing of the game. That may help determine its mass appeal. Both are mysteries.

Thirteen Diamonds is written from the point of view of a mathematics professor who understands probability (I don't). I'm interested in how I will do with it.

Meanwhile, off to Writer's Roundtable tonight with the first three pages of my children's book in hand. We read our pieces and hope for constructive criticism from the group. In the past, even when I have asked for specific feedback, I have not received it. I went to the group's last meeting, and I am hopeful that the makeup of the group has changed to a more serious and thoughtful group of people who will be able to provide useful critiques. They are nice people, and don't like to hurt anyone's feelings.

Personally, I am self-absorbed enough that I find it hard to focus on what others are reading. So I have to plead guilty to being not always a good group member.

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