Thursday, November 26, 2009

Being Thankful

It is typical to expresss thankfulness for friends and family and good health. I am thankful that my open heart surgery was two years ago, and I am not still facing that. I am thankful that ordeal is over. I am thankful my brother has recovered from lung cancer. I am thankful that my son and his wife were able to travel to Italy this past week. I am thankful that I will be eating a Thanksgiving Feast with my daughter and her beautiful family in their new home. I'm eager to see the twins and Jack today. I'm also thankful that I am nearly finished stitching Erica's Christmas stocking. I hope she will treasure it.

I enjoy the Macy's parade on tv on this day every year. I miss some things from Thanksgivings past, but we have newer traditions; it is important to look at where we are and look ahead. That is the direction I am going.

This morning I am putting together green bean casserole for our Feast. Last night I baked an apple pie. I hope one day to be strong enough to host the Feast here. Now to start thinking about Christmas.

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