Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Facebook is Over

I just canceled my Facebook account. I enjoyed it for a while. I enjoyed the pictures my daughter posted, and I enjoyed keeping up with my son's life, but too many people use FB as a forum to publish any stupid-ass thing they wanted and I have been getting too pissed off to continue reading that s**t. The rest of the world will continue with their FB nonsense and will get stupider by the minute, but I will no longer be in the audience.


blueladie said...

I'm with you! I didn't cancel my account cause my daughter keeps sending me links to her pics, but I ignore the rest of it. I don't respond to requests, etc. Smart lady!!! :D Cathryn

Iris said...

Why are people so rude? I am so glad I have not gotten involved with FB or any other social networking site.

Cassie said...

FB is fun for sharing things. It's also everyone's personal soapbox. See, I can say whatever I want and I'm right because it's my post. And whenever someone else says something on their page then they're right. As long as you remember that and you don't get offended by other people's (stupid)opinions then you'll be fine.