Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Ocean

My Family took me with them to the ocean yesterday. We rented a miniscule cabin (just enough room to turn around) and spent the night. Brett was a hero. He wrangled kids, luggage, a fire, food, and driving, and kept a great sense of humor through the whole trip. We left about noon yesterday, and were in our tiny overnight home by 4:00. The twins had a great time! They found a broom to fight over, and no, they couldn't take turns with it.

Cassie made me take my bi-pap so I wouldn't snore, and I couldn't figure out setting it up, so Brett took care of that for me. I vainly searched the car fifty or sixty times for the jacket I remembered carrying out of the house before we left (it was on the armchair when I got home today). Of course, Erica and Megan wanted to help yaya find her jacket, but they could only do that if they were standing directly in front of me. The wind off the ocean was frigid, and I spent several hours wrapped in a blanket. I think maybe I ought to invest in a sleeping bag, in case they ever take me along again. And maybe I will put a jacket in the car permanently, just for future reference.

Unbelievably, we stumbled upon a surfing convention! The surfers all seemed to be wearing wetsuits, which probably was really smart of them. We didn't hang around to watch anyone surf; our goal was an empty stretch of beach so Cassie could hunt for agates and the kids could run free. The twins ran about ten inches from the car, squatted and filled their buckets with sand. They were happy! Jack ran around with his dad, and managed to get a little wet from the waves. One of the girls fell into an incoming wave, and got stripped down to her skin next to the car while getting into dry clothes. Poor baby. In the relative smallness of the car, and also the cabin, the girls seemed to multiply until I was sure we had several dozen toddlers with us.

We stopped for a nice pancake breakfast at Denny's in Aberdeen, and got back in town around 1:00, I think. I'm worn out, and it feels good. It's the kind of tired one gets from having fun. I'll bet my bed feels extra good tonight!


Iris said...

Sherry what a wonderful weekend. More meories for the grands of time sepnt wity Waya.

blueladie said...

Are you sure there weren't several dozen toddlers???? LOL. That's the way I feel sometimes. Nice trip. Thanks for sharing!
:) Cathryn

Cassie said...

We had such a wonderful time. Poor Brett; too bad he had to take invalids camping! Lol!