Monday, June 21, 2010

Things Do Get Better

I spent a wonderful nine days in Houston with my son, his beautiful wife, and three amazing little Texans. Also got acquainted with a new granddog, Molly. Molly is a sweet, gentle little soul, and has wormed her way into the hearts of all five members of the family.

I was spoiled. My son treats me like visiting royalty; he always says, "You're on vacation, mom." I love that. It really makes me feel special.

So...I have my equilibrium back, have my meds straightened out, and feel so much more hopeful about my life and future (like, I now feel like I have a future!). Those two critical meds are now on automatic refill so I won't be able to let something like that happen again.

How God works: while I was yelling at God for making me the way I am, I was inspired to sit down and make a list of all my meds to have in my bag for my trip. That was when I realized I was off of those two important meds. Now, maybe God didn't inspire me to make that list, or maybe He did. Maybe it was divine intervention, or maybe it was Grace.

Whatever, it was a blessing and a relief to be able to fix the problem, and to know what the problem was. Once I knew, I began to relax, knowing there was an end in sight. What a challenge!

I don't know a lot about Grace. I am not aware of having experienced it a lot. Maybe it is Grace that has brought me through my life to this point. Grace that is responsible for my never having had a heart attack, in spite of a history of severe blockages in my heart. So, why am I here? What is my purpose?

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blueladie said...

Amazing post Sherry; your thoughts on Grace and the outcomes of your difficulties recently. I felt like I was reading your journal. Thank you for being the person you are and sharing this post. love & hugs, Cathryn