Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Conference Was a Hit With Me

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Pacific Northwest Writers Association annual conference at the Seatac Hilton. I was a lot more focused this year about what I am writing and where I want to go with it. That helped me get more out of the weekend than the other two times I have attended the conference.

A couple of the conference perks are being able to make editor and agent appointments. I met with an agent who said she liked my idea, and invited me to send her a few pages to review.

So, I am writing more, and have contacted an editor to work with me. If I knew how to add links to my blog, I would add links to PNWA and to Writers In Action.

A friend had been inviting me to join her writing group for a while. I finally attended and found it useful. It is a group where writing actually happens while we are meeting. So far, I have been able to gear the writing exercises to advancing my storyline, and that has been most helpful, as well as keeping my enthusiasm up. I just might pull this off after all!

My wonderful friends have become the best cheer squad one could hope for: everyone is asking for signed copies...of course, someone has to accept the book first, and then publish it, but my friends seem to think those things are just minor details. I'd like to believe that, too.

I'm also finding that I enjoy writing my story longhand. I think it keeps me better connected to my characters. (and I like looking at my handwriting) This is becoming fun!