Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Review: Forget to Remember

Rigo Ramirez is emptying trash one night at his temporary job. When he opens the dumpster he discovers the naked body of a lovely young woman who seems to have lost her memory. Having recently completed a degree in psychology, Rigo is just the right person to help "Carol Golden" as she searches for her missing identity.

Carol's search takes her around the United States, and to Europe, providing some international intrigue. With the help of Rigo and his parents, who open their home to Carol, our protagonist works her way through the various people who have been part of her life. Fortunately she seems to be a missing heiress, so there is no lack of money for her search. What's up with the lawyer who is helping her? Is he a good guy or does he wear a black hat? Ultimately she discovers her own identity and learns why she was left for dead.

Alan's books are very readable and provide a good puzzle for the mystery buff. Four and a half out of five stars for this bo