Friday, May 6, 2011

Muffins with Moms

The PTA at Jack's school had a special Mother's Day celebration this morning. They called it Muffins With Mom. It was held in the school library; muffins and fruit and sweet pastries were served along with orange juice and coffee. Since Jack's mom could not attend, I was invited. It was a very nice event; I think the PTA did a nice job of putting it together. Someone told me they have been doing it for years, which is no doubt why it was so smoothly organized. We also had a free picture taken. You can see it here somewhere if I can upload it correctly.

I don't know why, but photographers never snap me as I see myself: tall and slender. The last time I had my driver's license photo updated, I told the somewhat surly clerk to make me look tall and thin. He tried not to smile, but it happened anyway. Do clerks at all DOLs take classes in being rude and unfriendly?

My Jack wasn't feeling very good this morning. He felt so warm to me, I took him to the health room to have his temperature taken. He also was acting out of character - clingy and teary. I made the executive decision to bring him home.

His family is going to YMCA camp for the weekend, so he had a chance to rest before the big event. I already have their dogs who are enthusiastic about barking a warning to anyone who shuts a car door in my neighborhood. They are sweet dogs, and I enjoy them.

I am invited out to Camp Seymour for brunch on Sunday. It sounds like a long drive, so I must consider this.

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blueladie said...

You look tall and slender to me! My gosh! I just can't believe how big Jack is getting. They grow WAY too fast don't they!!! Cathryn