Thursday, April 12, 2012


No one would be likely to argue that parenting is stressful and very hard work. Parents teach by example. Teachers see this regularly in the ways children choose to handle interpersonal issues. Children who bully are taught bullying by parents. Children who become victims see their parents being helpless when dealing with challenging situations.
It is unfortunate that today many families leave the teaching of social skills to the public schools. The job of teachers is to teach children how to learn, rather than how to treat others. Personally, I feel a lot of frustration when I hear parents say "Yes, he told the teacher and the teacher didn't do anything." Here is the truth: because the child did not understand that the teacher handled the issue discreetly. Frequently the teacher talks to the "bully" privately, or passes the information to the principal or school counselor. A teacher has no authority to suspend a student on another student's say-so. A teacher has no authority to use corporal punishment (most states have laws against corporal punishment.).
People who parent using corporal punishment or explosive behavior, are only teaching their children that the biggest person gets his way. I wish more parents would just think about the example they set for their children.
Personally, I was raised in a violent, explosive home. When I became a parent, that was my parenting style. One day I learned that I was using a learned behavior, and I could choose to behave differently. I began to practive a gentler approach to discipline. I never achieved perfection, but I keep practicing. Children are small and helpless and look to the adults in their lives for security and self-esteem.


Dr Byanjana Sharma said...

Yes, I completely agree with you. Parenting is very important to shape someone's life in a better way.

Rohini Sharma said...

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